Welcome to your first step towards lasting change. At LiveFit we’re in the business of body transformations and we’re all about making radical change happen for our clients. We are so excited you’re here reading this, because it means you’re ready to make a difference in your life.

We’re proud of the premium personal training service we offer here at LiveFit, which means that our transformation program isn’t just a training program – it’s a complete lifestyle shift. With us by your side you’ll go you through twelve weeks of nutrition and training to transform your habits, and your life.

Our premium body transformation service is reflected in our pricing, but if you have any further questions about our program and what sets us apart, please contact us and we will be happy to go through this with you and provide a free demonstration of our services.

Transformation Training

The first thing we will do is identify what your goals are. Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, build strength or take your training to the next level – we have the tools, tips and trainers on hand to give you everything you need to train like a boss.

SHRED – Specifically designed to burn fat quickly

TONE – Tone your body with an introduction to strength training

STRENGTH – building strength through functional compound lifts and movement

ELITE – learn how to master body weight, perform complex movement, and develop your athletic potential.

When you start with us, we will give you workout videos, instructions, PDF information with workouts and all the information and detail you could possibly ever need or want – but nothing superfluous. Because after all, information overload is a thing, and we want you to stay laser-focused and committed. But don’t worry too much about the commitment, that’s where our body transformation coaches come in very handy.


What you eat is so important when training. In fact, what you eat makes up 90% of your results. If you don’t eat the right foods, you aren’t going to smash your goals and get the results you’re craving. When you work with us, we give you everything you need to get started and stay on track. We’ll make sure all your macros are on track and that you have the support and guidance you need to lose fat, gain muscle and get your body and life on the right track for you.

  • Nutrition counts for 90% of the result you will or won’t achieve
  • Get access to a macro track meal planning app with 100s of personalised recipes
  • Save time with a smart shopping list straight to your phone which means you can increase consistency while still getting enough variety in your daily meals
  • We’ll give you ongoing education and training on micronutrition, metabolism, how to burn fat quickly

Discover the fuel that gives you the energy to perform time and again, and to get the gains you deserve when you eat the right foods.


A key part of your training, and something that ties everything together, is your mindset. For so many people, they have the fitness locked down but there’s a lot of anxiety or negativity in their lives. Or for others, they feel generally calm but struggle with emotional eating. Wherever you’re at with your health and fitness, you can always benefit from mindset training. After all, when you master your mindset, you can transform from the inside out and redevelop a healthy relationship with yourself.

Mindset mastery makes a difference in your life, including with:

  • Self-worth / Esteem
  • Confidence
  • Reducing expectation
  • Cultivating Gratitude
  • Reframing your relationship with failure

The reason we include mindset mastering is after 15 years and 1000’s of transformations, we have learnt that in order to change the outside you must first change the inside.

Why us, and why now?

The biggest question is, what is your health and fitness worth to you? How many more days are you going to struggle into those jeans that haven’t been comfortable for months now? How much longer will you stare at the same image in the mirror and not be happy with what you see?

Note: We are not saying that your body should look a certain way or be a certain size; only that if you are eating food that drags you down instead of giving you more energy, are not engaging in physical activity, and are not happy with yourself, then something has to change. Whether the change has to be in your mindset, your diet, your exercise routine, or something else; we are here to help you get to wherever you want to be.

Studies have shown that when you invest in a premium body transformations program like ours, you feel more committed and are more likely to follow through with it. Working with us for twelve weeks seems like better value for money than the gym membership you pay for but don’t use, right?

Bottom line is, we’re the people you turn to when you want results but haven’t succeeded in getting them yourself.

  • We keep you accountable
  • We train you
  • We give you the recipe plans to follow
  • We keep you on track

After twelve weeks of transformation training with us, you will be walking out the door a new person with a new body to match your mindset.

Contact Livefit now to start your Body Transformation. We can’t wait to see how much you can achieve – and we’ll keep you on track the whole way. Call us for a free visit on 0430 047 575.