No more resolutions that you break mid-way through January: Livefit are here to awaken the new YOU!

Well, it’s official. A New Year is upon us, and we are just getting ready for that drawn out three weeks between Christmas to the first public holiday of the year on Australia Day.

You may well be feeling lethargic and unmotivated, and the way your favourite shirt feels might tell the story of one too many fruit mince pies and a couple too many leftover ham sandwiches on Boxing Day. But hey! Take comfort in the fact that 90% of Australians gain on average 3kg over the silly season.

If you indulged a little too hard it’s likely you’re plotting your new-year-new-you plan where you hit the gum six days a week, eat only protein and birth your best self around February 1st. February gym sign up rates are usually at an all-time high, tapering off as the year settles into its rotation. We don’t mean to sound negative, but the truth is that despite our best intentions life all too often gets in the way of fitness plans.

In fact, the biggest barrier to our sustainable fitness in 2018 is TIME! Between work, life, and family commitments 60-90mins at the gym is just not feasible for some people. At the risk of sounding “gimmicky” it can be just 10 minutes each day – so long as you’re consistent – that can have a positive impact on your health, energy, fitness, strength and overall weight.

At Livefit we have the strategies and ability to manage your personal training regime to ensure that even the most time-poor person has the ability to get in shape and stay there!

Training fear? No more with Livefit

Another barrier that prevents most people getting started is the fear around the training intensity. If you’re finding it hard to walk upstairs, sit down and get up from your desk, or even get in and out of the car, then the idea of training and exercising can be really difficult to come to. Fear can be enough to deter even the most committed of New Year’s fitness resolution holders.

But to the fearful, we say this: Exercise does not have to be that hard! We have been living in an age where most people do believe the saying “No pain, No Gain”. We can still get great results with less discomfort. It’s about simple ways we can incorporate it into our daily lifestyle. This approach gives our body time to respond and recover quickly so that we can train more frequently. That is the key to success in one word, Consistency.

Your 2019 personal training plan

When you are just starting out it’s essential to build a strong foundation. We want to keep impact to a minimum as that is what usually causes pain in our joints. So that means no burpees, jumping or skipping!

This week we will focus on functional bodyweight strength exercises that will prepare your body to get into the routine of daily exercise.

The Push-Up

Once your body gets used to the movement, it’s an exercise that you can do every day. It’s going to build strength and tone throughout your upper body; especially the backs of your arms!

Start on your knees, with hands placed underneath your shoulders. Pull your naval tight towards your spine. Lower your chest to the floor, breathing in. Press yourself back to starting position as you exhale.

TIP: If you feel your back during the movement, your core is not engaging.

The Sumo Squat

It’s important for building stability in our lower body. This is important for injury-prevention and also balance. The muscles in our lower body are also the largest, so doing lots of squats burns more energy!

Stand with feet slightly wider than shoulder width, and feet turned out at a 45* angle. The hips should move back as your knees bend. Open your knees out, so they track on the same path as your toes.

TIP: Go slow and go low!

The Plank

Our core (transverse abdominis) needs to be strong to ensure other muscles don’t overcompensate throughout our body. A weak core generally results in lower back pain and also lower body disfunction throughout our hips and knees.

Laying on your front, start on your elbows and knees ensuring your core is engaged. Once you can hold this for 45secs, its time to go the toes!

TIP: Keep controlled small breaths and don’t let your back dip!

The Glute-Raise

Many people have sedentary jobs where they sit for long periods. This deactivates our glute muscles leading to lower back pain. This exercise is the easiest way to get those glutes firing again!

Laying on your back, with feet shoulder width apart and knees flexed to 90*. Raise your pelvis up, and repeat.

TIP: Keep tension in your glutes, don’t rest your bottom on the floor between reps!

How to train this program

Perform each exercise in a 45-second timed circuit, with 15 secs rest in between exercises.

Repeat this for 2-3 rounds and try to do as many as you can in each round!

For each exercise (except the plank) you should aim for 15-20 reps in 45 seconds!

You can do this daily and try to improve your numbers!

For more personal training and expert assistance like this, contact Livefit to start out on your new training program for 2019. We can’t wait to see how much you can achieve – and we’ll keep you on track the whole way.