LiveFit was founded in 2010 and during that time we have worked with thousand’s of people through their health and fitness journey in Brisbane.

During that time our Brisbane community has grown, friendships have been formed and lives have been transformed.

Now, LiveFit is so much more than just health & fitness, or personal training. At LiveFit, we do life together.

It’s always been a “safe” environment, where clients feel comfortable. At LiveFit the “fear” or “intimidation” you get at the normal gym completely melts away.

What you are met with is a culture built on positivity, camaraderie and friendly banter.

Clients describe LiveFit as a place you can come and you will always go home feeling better. Whether that be physically, mentally or emotionally. LiveFit is here to make you feel good. Sometimes that’s an amazing workout or a friendly conversation.

LiveFit is the place you can walk into, and instantly feel at “home”.

If you are looking for Personal Training or Small-Group Training in Brisbane we would love to meet you and invite you into our community.

We are here to serve you.

We will challenge you.

You will become your best self.

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Personal Training Client Transformations