Grow with us

LiveFit is for you if you are seeking to look different, feel different and perform better every day, in every way. We meet you where you are, for what you need right now. If you seek results, our Brisbane personal trainers will hold you accountable. If you seek community, we will be your friend. Regardless, we exist to make a positive impact in your life and make the transition to a healthy lifestyle simple and sustainable.

LiveFit Personal Training Video

Customised Personal Training For YOU

Get lean and tone up

Get fitter in no time with dedicated Brisbane personal trainers, small groups, personalised programming as well as a fun, energetic atmosphere that will motivate you.

Fuel your body with nutrition made simple

Feel as good as you look with access to readymade macromeals, a macrotrack app, sustainable nutrition programs and our very own livefit protein.

Find your tribe in the LiveFit community

We put people first with education, conversation, personalised support and community centred initiatives.

  • Personalised meal plan based on your metabolic rate
  • 100's of healthy macro-based recipes
  • Save time with easy to use shopping list
  • Vegetarian, Pescatarian, Vegan programs available
  • Log your meals and track your progress
  • Delivers consistency whilst offering variety